Monday, February 6, 2017



Lacey Ling expected a more rewarding outcome for solving her ex-boyfriend's murder. With the ghost of Victor finally crossing over to Heaven, she suddenly struggles alone to escape a life that threatens both her and her grandmother. When a murderous dream turns into reality, she's thrust onto the front-line of yet another dangerous investigation. By the time Victor appears as her guardian-angel-in-training, Lacey realizes that in order to crack the case, she'll need to enter a world she detests: The world of modeling. Get it HERE.

Saturday, December 10, 2016


About the book:

Victor St. John thinks stunning news reporter Lacey Ling is his match made in Heaven, even after she dumps him. On the night he plans to win her back, he's stopped by a small inconvenience—his own murder. Despite newfound hobbies of dodging demons and suffering the snarky demands of his deceased cat-turned-spirit guide, Victor is literally dead-set on finding out whodunit. With help from the woman he loves, of course.

When Victor’s spirit comes calling, Lacey thinks she's gone nuts. The last thing she needs is to be haunted by her love-sick ex. Surprisingly, she finds that Victor actually does make a good partner... in detective work. But will a supernatural helper be enough to prevent her own untimely demise?

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Monday, October 10, 2016

A Clean Shifter Romance that's funny too!

Just Released...

Rated PG:

Maycee Fox is fed up with dating vain men! They'd rather study their reflections in spoons than spend quality time with her. Being stuck in a secret society of foxes who can shape shift into drop-dead gorgeous people isn't helping matters either, since they are the epitome of vain. She needs out. When her ex dares her to find love with an Average Joe, she's ready to sink her canines into the challenge, if only to teach him a lesson. But when she stumbles upon Adam Lanning, a humble yet sexy mechanic, it's Maycee who's in for a lesson or two about vanity and true love.


A New Mystery Written from the Perspective of a Siamese Cat

We've all seen mysteries where a sleuth has an animal companion that helps bring important clues to attention. Siamese cats in particular are more common, beloved sidekicks. What's different about this mystery, A YEN FOR MURDER, is that it's written in the cat's 1st person POV. Be in the mind of a sophisticated, fun-loving Siamese, as she solves murders in our new Charli Chan mystery series.

ABOUT THE BOOK: On a sultry summer night in Santa Monica, the only thing hotter than the busy city streets is murder. Locals awake to the news that a club’s dancer has been strangled, and so a Siamese cat named Charli Chan takes to the streets to investigate. The Strangler leaves a calling card, one golden yen, and when more dancers receive the mysterious coins, panic grips the city. Charli can't resist tugging on every loose thread in the case—curiosity and cats, after all—and she enlists the help of her friend Malcolm, a Scottish terrier with identity issues. Together, they may just find the killer, but the cost to her glamorous human roommate, Harlow Reese, may be more than she is prepared to pay.


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Our backlist of mysteries is growing!

Our next release, A Grave Situation, will be released in less than a month. In the meantime, check out our current collection of mysteries! These convenient links take you right to the Amazon ordering page:


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Thursday, July 3, 2014


It was supposed to be a relaxing vacation to California. Instead, Zoey and Claire take an unexpected detour when their private plane crash-lands into Arizona’s mysterious Superstition Mountains. Taken in by a dude ranch where everyone and their grandma is obsessed with the fortune of The Lost Dutchman’s Mine, romance with handsome, ropin’ cowboys becomes a top priority. The last thing on their minds is murder. But as Daniel Walks-With-Secrets, heartthrob captain of the sheriff’s department, warns, “Greed is a recipe for bloody misfortune.” With a stubborn resilience that only a mother-daughter relationship can summon, the ladies are fixin’ to find the culprits… and the treasure.

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Friday, October 18, 2013

The Riddles of HIllgate hits #1 out of all ebooks on Amazon's FREE listings

On October 11th, The Riddles of Hillgate hit #1 in Amazon's FREE ebooks department! It stayed there for over 24 hours. We're thrilled.

It's still free today, so go pick up your copy: