Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Siamese Sleuth Mysteries

We've got a fun new mystery series for those who love cats and dogs. Charli Chan is a keen Siamese who loves solving mysteries. These stories are told from the cat's perspective, which is quite unique. You'll join her throughout every heart-stopping moment of mystery-solving. Her sidekick is Malcolm, a funny Scottish terrier.

On a sultry summer night in Santa Monica, the only thing hotter than the busy city streets is murder. Locals awake to the news that a club’s dancer has been strangled, and so a Siamese cat named Charli Chan takes to the streets to investigate. The Strangler leaves a calling card, one golden yen, and when more dancers receive the mysterious coins, panic grips the city. Charli can't resist tugging on every loose thread in the case—curiosity and cats, after all—and she enlists the help of her friend Malcolm, a Scottish terrier with identity issues. Together, they may just find the killer, but the cost to her glamorous human roommate, Harlow Reese, may be more than she is prepared to pay.

Near Charli's posh Santa Monica condo looms a 1920's abandoned hotel filled with murderous secrets. The cat's neighbor across the hall, actress Sonia James, invests in the haunting structure and enlists the help of event planner extraordinaire Harlow Reese, who happens to be Charli's glamorous "roommate." With the help of her dear Scottie friend, Charli is hot on the trail of another tough case, filled with suspicious Hollywood stars from the past and present.

Coming soon!!

At the Chic Lauren salon, a bad hair day is the least of their problems, when a hairdresser is found dead under a dryer.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Review request for UNWED & DEAD

We're relaunching Heaven Must Wait as UNWED & DEAD. If you're interested in being on our review team, click here to sign up.

About the book:

Victor St. John thinks stunning news reporter Lacey Ling is his match made in Heaven, even after she dumps him. On the night he plans to win her back, he's stopped by a small inconvenience—his own murder. Despite newfound hobbies of dodging demons and suffering the snarky demands of his deceased cat-turned-spirit guide, Victor is literally dead-set on finding out whodunit. With help from the woman he loves, of course.
When Victor’s spirit comes calling, Lacey thinks she's gone nuts. The last thing she needs is to be haunted by her love-sick ex. Surprisingly, she finds that Victor actually does make a good partner... in detective work. But will a supernatural helper be enough to prevent her own untimely demise?

Monday, February 6, 2017



Lacey Ling expected a more rewarding outcome for solving her ex-boyfriend's murder. With the ghost of Victor finally crossing over to Heaven, she suddenly struggles alone to escape a life that threatens both her and her grandmother. When a murderous dream turns into reality, she's thrust onto the front-line of yet another dangerous investigation. By the time Victor appears as her guardian-angel-in-training, Lacey realizes that in order to crack the case, she'll need to enter a world she detests: The world of modeling. Get it HERE.