Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Best Gift You Can Give A Favorite Author

Do you often find yourself laughing, crying or swooning while reading books from your favorite authors? That's what makes them great, if you get down to the basics--they stirred emotions within you. They made you want to read more, until you came to the last page, sad that it is all done. You think about whether or not the author will make a sequel, or if they will continue to write at all. If a writer makes you feel this way, then give a gift in return--review their books.

Do you have to be a blogger or a news editor to review? No! Do you have to be a writer yourself, and know all the rules to grammar? Heck no! What does it take then? Personal experience with the book and an opinion. That's it. Are you wondering if it needs to be lengthy, because no it does not have to be lengthy at all. Although, your favorite author will soak in every comma and period to your review, you can keep it as simple as you wish. One person wrote on Barnes and Noble's website that BeSwitched "was a quick read but a goo one." Yes, you read that right--"goo." We all get what they meant, though; that's what matters. They thought it was good. They gave it a star rating of 4 stars and that was it. Did the author appreciate it? Definitely!

Where should you review? Anywhere online where the books are up for sale. This means you have quite a few options: Amazon.com, Goodreads, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, as well as others. It is so simple. All you have to do is login with your username and password, search the book, then click on a review link.

Do you remember your first time you were asked out on a date, and you liked the guy? You were probably giddy and hopped around like a loon after hanging up the phone (or something similar to this). This is how an author feels when they read their first review from a fan. They want to hop around like a loon. Subsequent reviews are like bonuses--getting asked out again, getting kissed, getting a return call. See?

Happy Valentines, everyone. How about giving that favorite author of yours some *love*? Review their books.


  1. Yes, it's always fun to hop around like a loon after a goo review. ;)

    Once I'm done with BeSwitched, I'll definitely have to post some reviews. :)